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A holistic set of educational offerings that help organizations increase product management's business impact and make it stick.

Developing product managers at “enterprise scale” is hard. We see the same struggles consistently that lack of a common end-to-end perspective on product development, inconsistent practice between organizations and teams, unhappy internal stakeholders, e.g., Engineering, Sales.

We have developed a holistic set of educational offerings that help organizations increase product management's business impact and combined our offerings into customized programs for each organization we work with.


  • Foundational courses

  • Coaching and workshops

  • Community Bıilding


  • Highly interactive and designed to help leaders

  • Demonstrate commercial value of product-led approach
  • Discuss challenges of transition to a product company
  • Have participants evaluate the value of product to their companies


  • Highly flexible, step-by-step approach to create killer roadmaps

  • Strategic aspects of roadmapping

  • Operational activities that make a roadmap coherent, compelling, and actionable

  • Defining Product Success, managing and aligning Stakeholders


  • End-to-end perspective on the role of product management

  • Describe the strategic elements of building product businesses
  • Explore operational models for product discovery and delivery
  • Define a reference model for engagement with other disciplines


  • What is a strategy? How is strategy related to goals?

  • What steps do I take to create a strategy for my product?

  • How do I align my strategy with others in my organization?

  • How can I infer an organizational strategy if one doesn’t exist?


  • Strategic look at prioritization

  • Explore today’s most popular techniques

  • Improve decision making, resource allocation and better goal attainment.

  • Prioritization Buckets and Balancing Competing Priorities


  • Providing a compelling, 100% remote experience

  • Spreading content over nine, weekly sessions of 90-minutes each

  • Generating valuable artifacts like a product strategy, roadmap, and valud propositions for the products participants are managing

  • A safe, team environment where there is no need to protect sensitive information

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