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Customized 12 weeks of sessions to make product managers had end-to-end, and strategic perspective on their work. Participation in the course forms the basis for a PM community that can share knowledge and experience going forward.

The Product Management Empowerment Program (PMEP) creates a breakthrough experience for your product managers by:

  • Providing a compelling, 100% remote experience

  • Spreading content over twelve, weekly sessions of 90-minutes each

  • Generating valuable artifacts like a product strategy, roadmap, and valud propositions for the products participants are managing

  • A safe, team environment where there is no need to protect sensitive information

  • Problems & Solutions

  • Markets & Customers

  • Defining Product Success and Managing Risk

  • Strategy & Roadmap

  • Differentiation

  • Releases and Requirements

  • Business Justification

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Wrap-up

Learning Objectives
  • Gain an end-to-end perspective on product management from a strategic perspective

  •  Align on core set of roles, processes, and expectations

  •  Develop artifacts that are immediately relevant to participants' work

  •  Improve presentation skills

  •  Avoid common PM oversights and mistakes

  •  Understand how product managers must be leaders

  •  Network and have fun

  • 12 Weeks
  • 90 minutes live session in each week
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners

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About the Instructor

Greg Prickril - Cropped.jpg

Greg Prickril

QualifiedONE Product Management Practice Lead

In a 20-year career shipping software at IBM, Microsoft and SAP, Greg Prickril, a strategic product management consultant, coach and trainer, and co -founder Greg has worked with many global enterprise companies to increase the strategic impact of their product management function.


Product-led Business Models for Leadership

This workshop describes the mechanics and value of the product-led approach to leadership and top management versus project-oriented, custom development work. This workshop is highly interactive and designed to help leaders assess the value of products to their business and the key opportunities and challenges associated with this transition.

  • C-level Executives
  • Senior Management
Learning Objectives
  • Demonstrate commercial value of product-led approach
  • Discuss challenges of transition to a product company
  • Have participants evaluate the potential value of product to their companies
Duration / Delivery
  • 4 - 6 hours
  • Online /  Onsite - Live

Product Management Essentials

This course provides an end-to-end perspective on the role of product management in technology companies. It provides a dynamic learning expiring by combining video and live lectures with interactive discussions and team exercises.

  • Product Managers
Learning Objectives
  • Describe the strategic elements of building product businesses
  • Explore operational models for product discovery and delivery
  • Define a reference model for engagement with other disciplines
Duration / Delivery
  • 2 days (7 hours each)
  • Online / Onsite -Live

Product Development for Tech Professionals

This course describes a canonical tech product lifecycle highlighting the key roles involved. This course prepares multidisciplinary team to work effectively together in the context of developing digital products.

  • Other product professionals from engineering, marketing, sales
  • Product managers
  • Potential product managers
Learning Objectives
  • Define a reference model for modern product development
  • Explore key product disciplines, their roles in product development and the engagement model between them, highlighting the central role of product management
  • Describe how product development differs from project-oriented or custom development
  • Create interest in the role of product management
Duration / Delivery
  • 1 day (7 hours)
  • Online / Onsite - Live
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