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Product Leadership

5 Ways Product Leaders Can Radically Improve

Product Management in their Organizations

Leading a product organization can be a huge challenge. Company and Product Leaders should think about teams, market, strategy, efficiency and other stuff to cook best product and catch the demand.

After working with product companies around the world, we defined consistent patterns of thought and behavior that differentiate great product management organizations from those that are just average. We will share the best practices of aligning the teams and development for markets needs, prioritizing resources and  features, better collaboration and communication and  increase customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability.


In this Webinar, Greg Prickril, product management consultant, trainer, and coach, will share the characteristics that leaders can focus on to radically improve the effectiveness of their product management organization. This event will be highly valuable to those in product leadership positions and those who aspire to be.

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9th February 2023, Thursday
11:00 am ( GMT +01:00 Amsterdam, Berlin )
01:00 pm ( GMT +03:00 İstanbul )
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Greg Prickril

QualifiedONE Product Management Practice Lead

In a 20-year career shipping software at IBM, Microsoft and SAP, Greg Prickril, a strategic product management consultant, coach and trainer, and co -founder Greg has worked with many global enterprise companies to increase the strategic impact of their product management function.


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